Social Ads, also known as Social Advertising, are platforms within social networks, which provide the opportunity to place ads to publicize a brand.

With this tool you can get more subscribers, increase sales, as well as give visibility to the brand, but not only that, since you will also have connection with users, because they will be able to interact, as well as share your advertising.

There are two types of Social Ads, those that are totally free, called organic, and those that have a small cost. The latter is the most common, since it reaches a larger number of users.



Advertising through Social Ads is more complicated than you think, so you must take into account a set of phases that will help you to do it in the best way.


First of all, to publish within Social Ads, it is necessary to observe the context and the factors that intervene within it, as well as to determine the public to which you want to address, in order to generate in a simpler way the strategy to be used.


When a complete observation has been made, the elements that are going to be used to have a great impact on the Social Ads, following the established objectives, are raised.


In this phase, the strategies that were planned in an orderly manner are put into practice, so that the campaign that is carried out within the Social Ads achieves the expected results.

Evaluation and control

Putting the strategies into practice is not enough for the campaign to obtain the desired results, it is also necessary to monitor the impact it has on the Social Ads, in order to perfect the models and achieve the success of the advertising.



Social Ads are very useful tools to launch your brand to the market, so you must know how to do it in the best way and obtain the greatest success.

The first thing you must do is define the type of ad you want to place in a Social Ads, based on the objective you are looking for, which can be to find followers, sell a product, make your brand public, generate downloads or get visits.

In the same way, you can be looking to generate leads, which are potential customers interested in your brand, or engagement, which refers to the interaction that a user makes with your product.

Once you have defined the objective of your advertising, you must choose in which of the Social Ads to carry out the campaign, since there are a great number of these. However, the best known is Facebook Ads.

This Social Ads is characterized by having a great capacity for segmentation, so it has different audiences, which will allow you to choose who to show your advertising to.

Another widely used platform is Instagram Ads, which has the advantage of making a great impression on people through the images or videos that are published, which generates greater interaction.

Twitter Ads is another of the most used Social Ads, because within it you can place images, videos and texts, as well as links that allow you to direct the user to another page, so you can place very complete and accurate information.

All these Social Ads have a very low cost, so you can use any of them, according to the strategy you decide to use, to reach more people and make your company highly known.

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