Artistic design is known by many as a discipline that highlights the delineation of a figure, which represents a real object as a form of expression. However, there are some that expand its meaning even further.

Some see artistic design as a process that combines the actions of conceiving, projecting, programming, and selecting a series of elements that transmit a certain information through their graphic representation.

It must be taken into account that artistic design is made on its own initiative, and can represent the message in an abstract way, which is different from graphic design, which is made to transmit information in a clear way to a specific objective.


For an artistic design to be given in the best way, with a graphic representation that transmits the message in an adequate way, it is necessary to take into account certain phases, so that the final model is perfect.


The first thing to do before starting the design is to create an idea that relates to the message to be transmitted, so you must choose carefully the image that will be made.

This choice can be a little difficult, because any artist can have a lot of ideas for his artistic design, however, you can use several methods to decide, such as mind maps or combine several options from a brainstorm.


Once the design to be taken for the artistic representation is decided, comes the creation of sketches, which are different drawings that are made to be perfected little by little the figure that we want to shape, and are made in a sheet.

After this, the best drawings are chosen, to proceed to make a full size draft, which will serve to observe how the work will look and continue polishing some details of the painting.


When the draft is finished, with all the details solved and the artist’s taste, we can proceed to make the final painting, taking the first one as a reference, and taking care that everything is as perfect as possible.

In this painting, the range of colors chosen is placed to give life to the painting, besides adding effects that provide brightness and attractiveness, while symbolizing in a great way what you want to represent with this work of art.


Making an art design is a complex task, so you need to have a lot of preparation to start creating this type of art. To do this, you can use several modes that will help you do a good job.

A good strategy to create real works of art is to use technology, because nowadays, there are several programs and applications in which you can create and modify the drawing as you like, with the help of a series of tools provided by the program.

The social networks also help a lot in this work, since you can observe the work that others have done to admire their techniques, and in this way, acquire experience that will serve to improve your art through that of others, without leaving aside the originality that you should give.

With these tools, which are only some of those you can use, you will have much easier to make an artistic design that reflects and transmits a message to all those people who see your creation.

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